What is Manglik Dosh in your Kundli and know its Disadvantages

Vedic Astrology speaks of a number of Doshas (malignant combinations in the horoscope), which affect your life prospects badly. Whether it is your marriage, career, health, family, property or travel, these Doshas can do irreparable damage to your life and those of your family members. One such Dosha, Manglik Dosha, is perhaps the most notorious and damaging among the Doshas. Whether you find out about the Manglik dosh in Kundli from your astrologer or through Manglik Dosha calculator available online on several website, the first thing you want to know is what its disadvantages are.

People who have this Dosha in their horoscope are often seen consulting free Janam Kundli or they want to check Manglik Dosha online, apart from consulting a variety of astrologers to seek better understanding of their situation and what its disadvantages would be. There are different perspectives through which various astrologers look at the Mangal or Manglik Dosh. There are experts who look at it from the perspective of Lunar Lagna, some analyse it through the Solar Lagna and, there are still others who find it easier to study this Dosh from the perspective of the Venus Lagna. While every Dosha affects a particular sphere of a person’s life, the Manglik Dosh can be disastrous for marriage, especially if you don’t pay enough heed to its remedy. It is, therefore, a significant exercise to find out what being a Manglik means and what are its ill-effects.

Manglik Dosha

The Manglik Dosha in kundali is caused due to a blemish in the horoscope caused by the planet Mars. It is also known as Kuja Dosha or Chovva Dosham and it is basically a combination of planets and houses in your horoscope when Mars is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the Ascendant. Whenever Mars is positioned in any of the aforementioned houses, an individual’s married life suffers from dissatisfactions, tensions and disasters.

Effects of Manglik Dosh in Various Houses

Here is a viewpoint of various ill-effects of Manglik Dosh on an individual’s married life vis-à-vis the position of Mars in various houses which can be seen through Manglik Dosha calculator -

1. First House — The most common rule in case of a Manglik individual is that they must get married only to another Manglik. In case Mars is in the First House, and this rule isn’t followed, it would lead to unnecessary conflict in an individual’s marriage as well as physical violence, eventually resulting in separation.

2. Second House — Drastic circumstances await a marriage when in case of either one of the couple has Mars in the 2nd House. There could be serious damage to a relationship and it could lead to a divorce or second marriage even.

3. Fourth House — Mars in the 4th house has slightly less disastrous impact on your married life. Manglik Dosha like this influences your professional and financial status and keeps you generally dissatisfied with your job & economic condition.

4. Seventh House — Mars is a fiery planet and this quality gets highly manifested when Mars is positions in the 7th House. An individual affected thus becomes easily irritated and short-tempered.

5. Eighth House — When Mars is placed in the 8th house, the Manglik individual suffers from mood swings, becomes lazy and short-tempered. There is also a higher probability of being accident-prone.

6. Twelfth House — Mars in the 12th house causes immense difficulties in a Manglik person’s life, which means lots of failures on a number of fronts. An individual feels downcast and general unrest in the family life.

These are some aspects of the Manglik Dosh in a person’s life, both within and outside marriage. It will help you in developing a perspective about this problem, if you are also sailing in the same boat. In addition, if you want a specialized consultation in this issue from an experienced astrologer, such as Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, you can approach him personally for in-depth understanding as well as remedial measures regarding Manglik dosh in Kundli. You can connect with him on vinaybajrangi.com or contact his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588.

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