What happens when Sun and Mercury are together in Aquarius?

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Astrology is an Art and Science both at the same time. It gives out predictions based on planetary permutations and combinations at a certain point in time. Every now and then, Yoga is formed with the combinations of planets and their relations with the signs. These combinations impact a sign or signs in a distinct manner. Yogas can give positive results to people based on their potency. It is the time when the Sun and Mercury are coming together in Aquarius making a Budhaditya Yoga. In this blog, we will take into consideration the Effects of Sun-Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius on the folks.

What is Budhaditya Yoga?

Budhaditya yoga is the result of the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury in certain houses in the natal chart. Royals or people in similar positions exhibit this yoga in their natal chart. Budha is another name for Mercury and Aditya is another name for the Sun, and Budhaditya Yoga is a culmination of sharpness of wits and academic accomplishments in one personality. Many visionary leaders and geniuses were born with the conjunction in Aquarius. Budhaditya yoga operates with Sun and Mercury in the first, fifth, and eleventh in different houses, and it is fully functional during the transit of Sun and Mercury.

What are the effects of the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius?

Sun-mercury conjunction in Aquarius can have far-reaching effects. Based on aspect and other planetary considerations, Mercury and Sun conjoined in the first house in Aquarius can confer luck with respect to the marital union, career, fame, and the like. For some of them. Career comes as a boon to lift them from squalor and pathetic situations to high levels of social standing and positions of success, to name a few. This should support the planets that govern the area of marriage. The husband or wives of some people with Budh Aditya Yoga in their chart will be well-settled professionals and achievers. If Moon and Sun in Aquarius, Venus is in the third house in Aries, and Saturn in the fifth house in Gemini, this kind of up-gradation after marriage can be expected. A person with the Budh Aditya Yoga with a host of other beneficial influences would surely marry a well-settled doctor or engineer who is also earning handsomely.

Sun and Mercury Yoga not only denotes a spouse in the medical or engineering category, but it also indicates a spouse from other professions, which proves lucky for the native. Any advertising area would suit the aptitude of these natives, and a person with Sun and Mercury Yoga can find admirable success in the advertising industry. If Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in third in Aries, Saturn in retrograde motion in Taurus, and Mars in ninth in Libra, an advertising job is possible. Exceedingly good results are obtained if the native has Sun and Mercury Yoga with several other good influences of planets in his natal chart. It can also bless him with affluence and prosperity with some more benefic planetary configuration in place. This effect shall never wane for the rest of his life, and money and prosperity follow him throughout and start doubling from his middle years. This combination can also play the benefactor in several other combinations, which augur well for various professions.

The impact of the Sun-Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius can be tremendous. A malefic confluence of the same planets in Aquarius can bring on troubles of an ominous nature in the areas of marriage, health, career, to name a few. There may be various problems that the native must encounter apart from the problems already mentioned above. The wait can be endless if the other planetary configurations indicate malefic results. In some cases, several other malefic combinations apart from the ill-placed Sun and Mercury hold the native’s marriage till he reaches his advanced years. There may also be a chance of losing a relationship that the native holds in high importance. The Sun and mercury combination creates a strong, highly opinionated, and pompous individual. This may even confer an authoritative position in some field of knowledge to the native. Highly developed and strong intellect, especially in the academic lines, are the blessings from the heaven these natives with Budha and Aditya combination enjoy throughout their lives.

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So, the Sun and Mercury Conjunction is a highly promising and desirable configuration. It confers the best of both worlds, of wisdom and intelligence as signified by Mercury and authority and importance as represented by the Sun. The social interactions of these natives in their social circles will be laced with wisdom and reflections on life beyond their age.

The strength of this yoga depends on the positions they are in, the planetary aspects they receive, and their strength. For yoga to operate at its best potency, both these planets must be beneficially placed in the horoscope. If one of them is negative, it overshadows the other benefic planet and negates its good influence.

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