What Does the 8th House Stand for — Aayu Bhava — House of Longevity

The eighth house, otherwise known as Ayur bhava, represents reincarnation or death. The eighth house corresponds to the Scorpio sign, which is the eighth sign in the zodiac and comes under the governance of planet Pluto. Generally, the eighth house exudes a mysterious aura and, on the worldly plane, indicates a passionate dedication and appetite to achieve things. Natives born under Scorpio’s influence have this inexplicable aura of mystery that revolves around death, sexuality, affluence, restoration of health, and anything that borders the metaphysical. The 8th house stands for all the above characteristics that the native is bestowed with.

Is the 8th house indicative of spirituality?

The 8th house is indicative of spirituality to a great extent. This house is usually equated with death and all things dark and shady. However, being a fixed sign, it hints at metamorphosis and a sense of security derived from it. It offers an element of stability and determination to the native. Natives with a powerful eighth house influence usually come across as independent and confident, the combination of which helps them to reach their full potential and achieve aspirations. This house is paradoxical as it brings two conflicting elements of restoration/transformation and darkness/death under its banner.

In its core, the 8th house represents Moksha, or final liberation. Natives with a benefic 8th house experience inner awakening, spiritual evolution, and cleansing of their inner self. He merges with universal humanity and experiences elevation of consciousness. However, it is the 8th house that is deeply connected to these changes in a person. If 8th is clear with no malefic influence, the native’s birth and death cycle stop with the current lifetime. He is either doomed without chances of revival or achieves salvation depending on the planetary influence or karma. The eighth house predetermines our mode of death and longevity. One can get an idea of how his final moments will feel with one glance at this house.

How does a poorly aspected 8th house impact our lives?

We often hear about someone winning a lumpsum lottery ticket or an unexpected inheritance due to the death of a relative or by closing a deal. This wealth may come with legal implications behind it. The element of mystery or unpredictability is the distinguishing feature of the 8th house. Life could get unpredictable due to the strong influence of the 8th house and associated planets.

With a malefic planetary configuration in the 8th house, the native may suffer from chronic diseases, addictions, mishaps, fall into disgrace, finally become penniless and live a sordid life. Mostly the native is to be blamed for his pitfalls, misdemeanors, corruption, scams, unethical practices, and a tendency to get into trouble. These deeds can culminate in obsessive tendencies, compulsive behavior, excessive promiscuity, and litigations regarding the property. Pluto natives are prone to have an insatiable desire for control and wreck destruction. Morally deviant behavior may create unnecessary trouble for them. Their prime obsession is to explore the unknown territories and to know what is hidden from them. As a result, they suffer psychological disturbances. They reflect on life and its experiences and introspect on self and its equation with the world. Their creative genius and geniality are impressive and admirable. A poorly aspected 8th house, impacts our lives miserably.

How is the 8th house related to spirituality?

They have the necessary reservoir of emotional strength to form and sustain relationships. They have this inner soul strength that comes from maintaining an excellent mental equilibrium. It is easy for them to accept faults without a whimper, work on the discrepancies, walk through the transformation process and complete the process of a soul cleanse. The eighth house is all about reinventing oneself and rebirth. Armed with a profound life perspective, they are highly sensitive to the messages from beyond. On the worldly level, they are charismatic, curious about every process of life. They are especially intent on researching the unknown facets of life and exploring the metaphysical field of study. The eighth house with favorable influences blesses the native with the qualities of head and heart in harmonious proportions and a will to surmount any situation that they are thrown into. Long-term chronic health afflictions concerning the pelvis, private organs, and excretory system bother them most of the time. Overall, this house reveals the inner part of you hidden from the public view. Hence the 8th house is related to spirituality at many levels.

There is much more about the 8th house. But before diving into it, you need to be clear in your mind about why you need to know about the eighth house or the mystery of eighth house. If you want to get the kundli analyses done for the results of the eighth house, then I recommend you to have a consultation session with a Vedic Astrologer.

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