What do Venus and Mars represent?

Venus has a planetary sway over the harmonious Libra and the sensual Taurus, which are interlinked not by their common characteristics but by their mutual linking with Venus. Venus has its marked impact on your choice of décor, music, and even color. We can recognize our preferences, pleasures, and just everything merry and beautiful. Our aesthetic leanings, desires, tastes, and the choice of our partners give the world a hint about us. They not only belong to the worldly realm but also the beauty hemisphere.

Mars has abundant masculine energy that governs both Aries and Scorpio. Mars signifies energy in its raw state. If he is afflicted, he can make you impatient, rash, and impulsive, but on a positive note, he can imbue the sense of adventure, assertiveness, and forthrightness in us. His energy can mar or make a person into what he is. If he is good in a chart, the native would have ambition and achievement.

Venus represents creature comforts and pleasure. For males, it can represent what kind of woman he is likely to meet and marry in his life. Mars signifies soldiers, arms dealers, and accidents. Venus and Mars’s conjunction highlights the coming together of the planets of love and war. Venus and Mars’s conjunction represents the above factors.

What are the careers that Venus and Mars Conjunction indicate?

Venus and Mars’s conjunction indicates careers like acting, art, beauty, fashion, and hotel management. We can know who is stronger in this conjunction by studying the sign they are positioned in and the degree placement.

What are the effects of the Mars-Venus conjunction?

A person with this conjunction has a charming appearance. They are normally seen associating with the creamy layer of society. Venus can dilute the perspectives the native has on ethics and work. But anyway, it makes the native very well-loved. If they are married, the problems start right at that moment. This combination can lend a bold and lustful touch to the native’s personality. These urges will be much more controlled if they are aspected by Jupiter or Saturn. This combination in Aries Leo Sagittarius turns even a mild gentleman into a ferocious wife-beater. Effects of Venus-Mars Conjunction in females would be that they would-be victims of physical abuse by their husbands. Jupiter’s aspect would have a calming effect on this.

The native under the influence of Venus & Mars would always fight with their spouse. The same conjunction in the seventh house would give a violent tempered and egoistic spouse. But the effect would be unbearable if it is in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Saturn. Debilitation and exaltation can mean extreme commitment or a highly sexual nature. If debilitating, it makes them sexually abusive. Debilitation in the fourth house has an irreparable effect on the native’s life. The same conjunction in the Tenth House, ascendant, or in the tenth house aspect, earning would come through textiles, criminal law, surgery, cooking, etc. People in the hotel management industry and fashion design are likely to be born under this combination. Marital disturbances can be predicted when the 7th lord is in 6th, 8th, or the sixth, 7th, and 8th lord are conjoined with 6th 7th 8th or 2nd house from ascendant, moon, or Venus.

With other combinations, this could even signify a divorce. Jupiter’s aspect can save the marriage as well.

During Horoscope Matching, Mars and Venus must be checked in navamsa and shodasamsa to see if the Doshas can be canceled so that marriage can be fixed. Dasha bhuktas at that time should augur well for marriage or divorce. Then the Dosha would not exist.

Mars and Venus can also indicate spectacular chemistry and rapport. While Mars and Jupiter signify marital life for males, Venus represents the wedded life for women. If these planets mutually aspect each other in both horoscopes, they signify mutual attraction. For instance, if Venus in Cancer in the female’s chart and the male chart shows mars in Capricorn, it shows a mutual aspect. In the two charts, Mars, and Venus in swakshetra or Rashi show the couple’s undying love in their marriage.

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What are the effects of Mars and Venus in different signs?

The Effects of Mars and Venus in different signs can be varied. Mars in Capricorn synchronizes well with this conjunction as mars are exalted here, and Venus is friendly. In the same way, if Venus is found in his exalted sign in Pisces and Mars is a friend as well, it results in good synchronization. This conjunction gets truly bothersome if Mars is in his debilitating sign of cancer, and Venus is in enemy sign. Similarly, it creates trouble when Venus is found in Virgo, in a debilitated position, and mars are in his enemy sign. In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Mars is in more powerful form than Venus and is it is Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Venus is in great form. So Mars loses here. If one of these planets is in retrograde motion, the effect again wanes away, leaving the malefic effects to operate.

What are the effects of Shukra Mangala yoga?

Mars has natural ownership of first and eighth houses. The eighth house sustains as well as kills marriage.

Shukra naturally influences love, wife, and partner. He is in ownership of the 2nd and 7th house, which mars the self of the native. These three houses become the harbingers of destruction when they are allotted the power to destroy. Therefore, when these planets conjoin, Bhav suffers or gets destroyed. The effects of Shukra Mangala Yoga are varied.

Shukra mangal yoga is formed when mangal is in the seventh natural house of Shukra. It is formed when Shukra is in Mangals Rashi, and mangal is in a debilitated state. It is also formed when both these planets conjoin. It is also formed when Mangal and Shukra have mutual aspects through Graha or Rashi.

Source UR: https://sites.google.com/view/vinaybajrangis/blog/venus-and-mars-conjunction



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