The best Astrology quick tips to how to get lost love back in a relationship

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More often than not, we find our ex-partner to be the best choice for us. But what to do now, when you said goodbye to him/her years back? Don’t worry! Astrology may help you get your lost love back. Here, we are not talking about swirling a magic wand and pulling your ex-partner bent at the knee before you. This is unrealistic; we suggest the most logical and practical approach to seeking divine grace to regain your lost love.

The best Astrology tips for love relationship

Why does a breakup happen?

Only some people lose a partner. Whatever the reasons but we certainly lose something precious, carrying memories and moments. In Astrology, there are reasons called yoga for losing a partner. If your birth chart/kundli has certain yoga causing separation from the partner, you will face it!

Marriage prediction by a birth chart

May indicate the possible adverse outcomes in your married life. If an astrologer finds a negative or malefic influence on the houses of love and marriage, he predicts the problems in marriage. In Astrology, planets like the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and the 12th lord are called the planets with separating tendencies. If they influence of the 7th house or its lord, there are chances of breaking up a relationship. Similarly, the malefic influence at the 5th house also indicates a breakup in a love relationship.

Planets may cause temporary fights, but you make them permanent

Saturn sadesati and dhaiyya are the periods that prove most dreadful for a married relationship. If a newly wedded couple gets sadesati in the first two years, there are chances of having fights and arguments between them are more. The Shani sadesati makes them feel they are not meant for each other and take different paths. But here, it is essential to remember that the negative period is temporary. With the movement of the planet, it, too, passes away.

What are the probable reasons for losing your love?

Before knowing how to get back the lost love, one should understand the most common reasons for bitterness in your love relations. It helps you understand the value of relations and your probable flaws.

Communication-gap: The foremost reason for any breakup is a lack of communication between the couple. Communication gap instills misunderstanding and suspicion in marital relations. One may control negativity concerning effective communication. This is where kundli matching plays its role, which helps the couple to know their mutual compatibility.

Infidelity: Infidelity is another reason for the breakup in marriages and love relations. One can identify infidelity in advance through astrology. You can take extramarital affair prediction by birth chart which helps you know the chances of deceit on the part of your partner.

Lack of mutual trust: The element of suspicion ruins a marriage or love relationship. There has to be trust and faith in each other to maintain a healthy relationship. One can use the love relationship calculator to understand the level of understanding and trust with your love partner.

Family: The family’s disapproval is the most common reason for a breakup in love relations. The astrologer can predict your chances of love marriage and the family’s agreement to it. You should first meet an astrologer to calculate love and arranged marriage. None of your love relations will work if you don’t have yoga for a love marriage.

How to get your lost love back?

Make your partner realize what they have lost: Get in touch with your partner and talk nicely to him. It will help if you have not asked him directly to come back to you. A love problem solution as per astrology suggests, makes your ex realize what they are missing in life.

Talk often: Talking is the key to any confusion, fights, or breakups. It is good to have a conversation with an open mind. If you are facing problems in a relationship, talk about them and try to find a solution mutually.

Stop blaming each other: When the ascendant/Lagna lord is weak in the birth chart, the person usually doesn’t take responsibility for anything done wrong. With malefic influence at the Lagna, the person blames others and never accepts his mistakes. In such a scenario, one should meet a marriage astrologer who will make both partners aware of their respective flaws.

Improve Venus: Venus is the planet for love marriage in astrology. It has to be in good condition in the birth chart to enjoy love in a relationship. One should know how to strengthen Venus with the help of a marriage astrologer. Venus ensures harmony and romance in love and marital relations.

Know about the possibilities of separation and divorce: You may try hard to get your lost love back, but if you have separation or divorce yoga in the kundli, you need to be more careful. You should know the presence of divorce yoga in your kundli if any. One can use a divorce prediction calculator by the birth chart to know the possibilities of a breakup or divorce.

Chant Mantras: An astrologer may suggest the universal mantras known to attract prosperity and luck in life. Chanting the Gauri-Shankar mantra maintains marital bliss. One should do meditation and chant Gayatri Mantra to gain wisdom. Mantras help to keep negativity away, and the person analyzes the circumstances impartially.




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