Mercury in Leo- Now Everyone Will Listen To You!

Summers are in full swing with a sight of rains off lately. The season perfectly defines the hot and fiery Sun in the Cancer. The Sun is also transiting through the 4th pada of punarvasu nakshatra, the navamsha as ruled by the Moon. Thus, time to get wet in the rain! Mercury, the planet of speech, communication, wit, trade, finance, etc., will be transiting into the royal sign of Leo on 27 July 2022. Now, What does it mean if Mercury transit in Leo?

Mercury in Leo means one thing and one thing only — the spark in our communication styles. Mercury will transit till August 11 in this zodiac sign, and this is the time to notice a kind of energy and spark in our communication style. There is a possibility of heated arguments and debates during its stay in Leo.

Mercury Transit in Leo

What does it mean when Mercury is in transit?

Mercury was placed in the docile sign of Cancer, where it added politeness and sweetness to the voice of the natives. But now, when Mercury is entering the fiery sign of Leo, a dramatic transition in our speech will take place. However, it should not always be considered in a negative sense as some will turn into influential speakers.

Mercury in Leo will give a thrust of enthusiasm and new energy. People will think of wider, bolder, and new directions for finding opportunities. It will give confidence and strong determination to most of us. Mercury rules both the airy signs, but it enjoys its stay in the fire sign Leo. With Mercury in Leo, we may expect royal, flamboyant, energetic, influential, high-spirited, and fiery attributes.

Is Mercury good in Leo?

Mercury and Sun both share neutral relations in Astrology. Thus, Mercury in Leo is not at all harmful. Moreover, Sun and Mercury together forms an auspicious yoga called Budhaditya Yoga. This yoga is known to confer intelligence and wisdom to the native.

The energy of Leo is grand, and anything that comes to your mind during this transit is not something small but a grand idea. The idea will definitely work with your intelligence working with full potential. Leo is a sign of creativity; thus, people will find new and creative ways to accomplish their career goals. Mercury in Leo gives positive and really big thinking to the natives. However, Leo is a fixed sign and has an element of arrogance in it. Mercury in Leo will make you a storyteller and story seller as well. With Mercury here, people may become arrogant and could avoid listening to others, thinking them to be the best of all. There would be more drama and attention-grabbing talks which may create problems for some while benefitting others.

How does Mercury affect other signs when Mercury is in Leo?

When Mercury will be placed in Leo, it would cast its aspect on the sign of Aquarius. The Sun has inimical relations with the ruler of Aquarius i.e. Saturn. Mercury while sitting in the Sun ruled sign will aspect the sign of Aquarius. However, mercury and Saturn are friends, but still good results will not be achieved due to the placement in Leo. Jupiter will also turn retrograde by then, and will aspect Mercury from Aquarius. The position is particularly good for those in finance, publishing, teaching, writing and journalism.

Retrograde Jupiter will create an intense urge to explain our emotions more intensely. People should avoid getting stuck in arguments or debates. The transit may give rise to tensions due to misconceptions and miscommunications. Some may opt for a rebellious way of putting forward their viewpoints.

The period talks of mishandling of documents, wrong texts, miscommunications, paper forgery, emails going to wrong addresses, etc. In general, confusion and hot temperaments can be seen all over. It’s time to weigh your words before speaking them and avoid gossiping.

Mercury will make you focus on things that give you joy, ease, happiness and fun. Mercury in Leo will also make you shine bright during the transit by putting your intellectual and verbal skills into the limelight.




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