How To Study Career In A Birth Chart?

Profession or business is a question that bothers us at some point, and it is up to us to choose what we prefer between these two choices. For some, starting a job would feel secure and for some, business offers settled existence ultimately. Hence let us consider both sides of the question and see how profitable each option turns out to be. Benefits of a job are varied. Business vs Job by birth date is a major question that needs to be sorted out for a native with the help of an expert Vedic astrologer.

Why do some people choose business over career?

Owning a business helps you to make your own decisions and decide your own schedule of work. Your leadership would be recognized within your company and with a good business idea, you can spread your wings further. Work hours are flexible in business environment and how much you work is up to you. Work life balance could be achieved even in business. If you are the business owner, you automatically get to learn management, finance, marketing, HRD and the like. This leads to professional upgradation and your opportunities outside business will multiply. In case you come to the decision of shelving your company, you can do so and try a top-notch job in a good company with your newly acquired experience and qualifications. However, having a career or a job has its own advantages.

What are the actual benefits of having a job?

There are many benefits of having a job. It offers an opportunity to upgrade your skillsets and contribute overall to the company’s progress. Good quality work would pave the way to promotions and incentives. Job satisfaction, due to this, is guaranteed. Secondly, working in a job is less burden some than carrying the entire business on your shoulders. As an employee you will be asked to focus on only your problems and work towards rectifying them. This way, you can focus equally on work and home. If you nurse burning ambitions for professional advancement in life, career would be the ideal choice. You can also pursue higher education which will lead to better opportunities.

How are the Planets and Professions related?

Planets and Professions related: Jupiter and Mercury bless the native with career along Academic lines. For instance, you could t think of a job of mathematician, scientist, thinker, physician, reporter, magistrate, astrologer, psychologist, etc. Venus gives aesthetic abilities, for pursuing a career. One could try their hands in performing arts, cinema, dance, novel writing, column writing. Etc. Sun, moon and mars oversee the financial career such as diplomat, banking, insurance. Manufacturing. Mercury favors merchants who work at book publishing and selling, printing agency, and manufacturing agents. Any service-oriented job such as farming, carpentry, black smithy, mill laborers is signified by Saturn. Regular jobs such as registrar, team membership in any department, administration, and industry are governed by Rahu and Ketu. Let us delve deeper into the nature of careers in detail in the forthcoming paragraph.

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Careers by planet in detail:

Sun has a sway over politicians, scientists, leaders, directors, government servants, medical professionals, and jewelers.

Moon overseas nursing at hospitals, travel and tourism, marine industry, hotels, import/export industry.

Mars represents weaponry, construction, police department, surgeons, and engineers.

Mercury governs writers, teachers, merchants, clerks, editors, astrologers.

Jupiter takes care of finance profession, and represents lawyers, scholars, priests at temples, politicians, advertising professionals, and psychologists,

Venus has an influence over the arts, music and entertainment industry, and hotels.

Saturn relates to the real estate, physical labor, farming, trades and mining, and monasteries and monks.

Rahu rules engineers, researchers, pharmacists, physicians, aviation professionals, electricity department.

Ketu favors religion and metaphysics.

How are the Rashis and Careers interconnected?

Aries influences the army and police department, surgeons, mechanics, firefighters, industrialists and even athletes.

Taurus rules over professions related to luxury items, cosmetics, music, cinema, banking, fashion, real estate,

Gemini takes care of journalism, media, translators, writers and accountants.

Cancer impacts the naval and marine industry, fishing, interior design, hospitality and historians.

Leo rules government jobs, political profession, religious institutions, investment experts and diplomats.

Virgo takes care of astrology, accounting, media, and medical profession.

Libra rules judges, artists, fashion designers, receptionists, advertising, and interior decorating,

Scorpio rules over pharmacists, doctors, nurses, police officials and occultists.

Sagittarius rules judiciary, religion, banking, entrepreneurship. Athletics and careers related to shoes.

Capricorn rules lumbar and mining industries.

Aquarius rules consultants, philosophers, astrologers, and engineers

Pisces governs medical professionals, marine industry personnel, chemical and oil industry, painters, and prison wardens.

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What are the house significations for a profession?

First stands for self-employed status, politics, and fitness related industries.

Second rules the banking, investment, accountants, hotels, teaching, psychology and writing profession.

Third house involves arts, sales, advertising, publishing industries and writing profession.

Fourth revolves around farming, real estate, vehicles, geology and mining.

Fifth favors politics, stockbroking, entertainment industries and authors.

Sixth represents lawyers, military, police, medical professions, hospitality.

Seventh takes care of business especially foreign business.

Eighth hints at insurance, research, metaphysical studies.

Ninth rules over law, university professors, travel and tourism, religious professions.

Tenth has a control over the government jobs, man management, and politics.

Eleventh rules trade and business, and financial institutions.

Twelfth represents security and detective agencies, or jobs involving espionage or secrecy, travel and tourism, hospitals, prisons, and charitable organizations.

The above are a list of house significations for a profession. It pays to listen to what the stars say, and then take the next step towards your progress.

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