How Can We Know About Planetary Transits?

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Do you want to know when you’ll get married, get a promotion, or have a great opportunity at work? Well, all these events, big or small, are influenced by the movement of planets in the sky!

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Importance of Planetary Transit

Planetary transits hold significant importance in astrology as they directly influence the energies and events in our lives. It is easy to get information about the transits of planets through planetary transit prediction apps. Here are some key reasons why planetary transits are considered essential in astrology:

Dynamic Nature: Planetary transits signify the ever-changing positions of planets as they move through the zodiac signs. This dynamic movement creates planetary influences shifts, affecting our experiences and circumstances.

Timing of Events: Transits provide a timing mechanism for astrologers to analyze when certain events or changes are more likely to occur in a person’s life. They help understand the appropriate periods for making decisions, initiating actions, or avoiding potential challenges.

Individual Horoscope Analysis: Transits are used in combination with a person’s birth chart (natal chart) to create the “transit chart” or “progressed chart.” By superimposing the current planetary positions over the natal chart, astrologers can assess how the transiting planets interact with the individual’s birth planets and sensitive points, giving valuable insights into the ongoing energies in their life.

Planetary Aspects: Transits reveal the aspects formed between the transiting planets and the planets in the natal chart. Aspects represent various interactions and energies influencing a person’s behaviour, emotions, and experiences.

Collective Trends: Planetary transits affect individuals and contribute to collective trends and global events. Observing significant transits can offer insights into broader societal shifts and global dynamics.

Personal Growth and Self-awareness: Understanding transits can help individuals become more self-aware and conscious of their emotional states, behaviours, and reactions during different astrological periods. It enables them to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and make conscious choices for personal growth.

Forecasting and Prediction: Astrologers use planetary transits to make predictions and forecasts about potential life events, career opportunities, relationships, health issues, and more. They can advise on how to utilize the energies of favourable transits and handle challenges during difficult ones.

Rectification of Birth Time: For people with unknown or uncertain birth times, analyzing significant life events and comparing them to planetary transits can help astrologers rectify the birth time and create a more accurate birth chart.

Planet Transits Affect Predictions

Planet transits play a significant role in astrology and affect the predictions made by astrologers. Here’s how planetary transits influence predictions:

Activation of Natal Planets: During a transit, when a planet moves over a specific position in an individual’s natal chart, it activates the energies represented by that natal planet. For example, if the transiting Sun conjuncts the natal Mercury, it can enhance communication skills and bring opportunities for intellectual growth.

Timing of Events: Today’s Planetary Transit Predictions help individuals determine the timing of events in a person’s life. Each transit has a duration, during which its influence is most potent, which helps predict when certain events are more likely to occur.

Triggers and Triggers: Transits can trigger events or aspects in the natal chart. For instance, if a transiting planet forms a significant aspect (conjunction, opposition, square) with a natal planet, it can activate and bring forth the qualities represented by that natal planet.

Transit Combinations: Astrologers analyze the combination of multiple transits simultaneously to understand how different planetary energies interact. Certain transit combinations may indicate favourable or challenging periods for various aspects of life.

Progressions and Secondary Progressions: Progressed charts are created by advancing the natal positions of planets at a specific rate. These “secondary progressions” provide additional layers of information and help refine predictions.

Solar Returns: A solar return chart is created for each birthday, indicating the planetary positions for the year ahead. It offers insights into the themes and events likely to manifest during that particular solar year.

Transits and Mundane Astrology: In mundane astrology, which deals with world events and global trends, planetary transits are used to predict geopolitical developments, economic changes, natural disasters, and other significant events affecting nations and the world.

Eclipses: Solar and lunar eclipses are powerful transit events that can trigger significant changes and events in individual lives and global affairs.

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