How can know today’s auspicious time?

In Astrology, we may know the auspicious and inauspicious timings of the day. It is through Hindu panchangam that we come to know about the good and bad periods of the day and night as well. The chaughadiya muhurat indicates the periods considered good for a specific activity while bad for others. The day has been divided into six parts: Amrit, Kaal, Shubh, Udveg, Char, and Laabh. Each of these divisions is important to know Today’s Auspicious Time for a particular activity.

Know Today’s Auspicious Time

Amrit- It is good for all types of work, especially those related to milk and milk products.

Kaal- It is good for construction, agriculture, and machine-related activities.

Rog- It is good for fights, solving disputes, and debate

Udveg- It is considered good for govt. related activities.

Char- It is good for travel, beauty, cultural activities, and dance

Labh- It is good for starting a new project or business

But just knowing the chaughadiya muhurat is not enough. One may easily look for them online but what is important is your own kundli. Your Janma Nakshatra is pivotal in knowing the most auspicious time for you. We all are born with a specific janam nakshatra, and it is the nakshatra in which our horoscope is placed at the time of birth. Now, in Astrology, the 3rd, 5th and 7th nakshatra from the Janam nakshatra or the birth star is not considered good. That’s why it is very important to know Today’s Nakshatra so that you may know whether your moon nakshatra is falling in any of these undesired categories.

Suppose you are born in the nakshatra of Jupiter, and today the Moon is traveling in the nakshatra of Mercury. So, for you it is falling in the third i.e., vipat tara. This is not considered good and may invite troubles in your workings today. A good astrologer will warn you against making any important decisions today if your moon is found in any of the vipat, pratyari and baadhak tara or star.

Similarly, one should look for the inauspicious timings as well. The Rahu Kaal is a popular inauspicious timing in South India. The Rahu Kaal is ruled by the mysterious and malefic planet Rahu. It is considered inauspicious to carry any suspicious activity during the Rahu kaalam. It will be surprised for you to know that the people in South India refrain from signing any important documents like those of banks and property in the Rahu kalam or Rahu Kaal. They believe it will only invite losses and miseries in life. It is equally important to know Today’s Rahu Kaal so that you can avoid that time period which is usually 90 minutes or 1.5 hrs.

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There is a hora system as well in which different planets rule different parts of the day. Each hora is approximately of 1 hour and the first hora is always ruled by the lord of the weekday. For e.g. on Monday, the Moon will rule the first hora. Now, there are certain functional benefic and functional malefic planets in everyone’s birth chart. One should consult a Vedic astrologer to know the benefic hora and try to perform important tasks in that given hora while avoiding the inauspicious ones. Moreover, the hora of the dasha planet is very important to conduct astrological remedies. If we perform astrological remedies of a specific planet in its hora, they are bound to give more effective and positive results. Thus, knowing hora is another important part of Hindu panchang and Astrology.

Now, if someone asks What Hindu Panchangam? Then the answer would be, it’s a complete way of living life, keeping in mind the most auspicious and inauspicious periods to fetch the desired results. One should definitely refer to the panchang to avoid wrong decisions and losses in life. The timings and muhurta as prescribed in Hindu panchangam, are bound to bless the natives with prosperity and happiness in life.




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