How can astrology help to choose the most appropriate career selection?

Today’s youngsters, not all of them, find the right guides and mentors in their lives to choose the path of that golden career. They are confused and face similar struggles, issues, generation-related insecurities, gaps, and the like. Those common and real problems creep up from nowhere once they graduate out of their comfortable cocoon of college. They are suddenly in the wilderness, not able to figure out a way to their dream castle where their favorite heroes have already reached. They dream of a career and try all possible ways to get in through campus placement, direct interviews, or extensive networking. Finally, they land a job in a good enough company, but it has its woes that would not easily get settled. Promotion incentives hang heavily on their head, and thoughts of job switching cross their minds. Time runs out finally due to constant dilly-dallying. For such people, the Right Career Selection as per astrology is the great gateway that offers them timely advice and direction to reach their goals.

What are the career paths that the 12 houses indicate?

The 12 houses indicate several career paths. The first House shows the business sector; the second House is a related profession related to finance. The third House connects to a career along the lines of communication. This can be in media digital marketing, advertising, etc. According to the Career Predictions by date of birth and time, the fourth house suggests a career in real estate and large-scale manufacturing. The fifth House is favorable for gamblers, and investment banking and share trading are their secondary options. The Sixth House is all about a job based on the display of strength, say, police department or armed forces. The seventh House is for people who prefer partnership business. The eight houses favor research and development. The ninth and tenth houses are considered benefactors for those who are in religion or politics. The eleventh House blesses careers along the lines of banking and investment. Twelfth House relates to overseas career.

The House with the most dominating influence augurs well in the career it indicates. The Second House is secondarily important as it is about household and funding. Then comes the sixth House, which has everything to do with the job. The 11th and 7th houses signify businesspeople.

Career According to planets in 10th House-Astrology

10th House casts the maximum influence on the career and livelihood.

Sun in 10th House: Sun is beneficial when placed in the tenth house. It makes you authoritative with status in society. It also augurs well for government employment.

Moon in 10th House: Job switches are a part of your fate. Or you may be working in a job that calls for frequent travel. It can give you a career in the glamour field, medical field, HR, sales, etc.

Mars in 10th House: Mars in the 10th House would make the native a good engineer or executive.

Mercury in 10th House: An academic career is planned for you when your mercury is in your 10th House. Mercury in 10th House blesses fields of journalism, adviser, economist, and CA.

Jupiter in 10th House: With Jupiter in the 10th House, you can be a lecturer, coach, magistrate, etc.

Venus in 10th House: Venus in 10th House is all about fame that comes from a career in media, cinema, performing arts, costume design, etc.

Saturn in 10th House: Saturn is an uncertain planet that gives good results only when he is not malefic in the tenth house. You will get Success, but it is delayed. You can choose supervision, attorney, mining work, etc.

For the Right Career Selection as per date of birth, you need someone like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who holds 2 decades of experience and is known for his Career Predictions as per astrology.

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Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is the famous astrologer in India and Delhi NCR. For know more click on

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Vinay Bajrangi

Vinay Bajrangi

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is the famous astrologer in India and Delhi NCR. For know more click on

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