How Astrology Apps Help You in Health Issues?

Vinay Bajrangi
3 min readSep 13, 2023

Astrology apps can help with health issues using a branch called Health Astrology. These apps use your birth chart to give you insights into your health. They can predict possible health problems and good times for your well-being based on how the planets are positioned. Some apps even suggest remedies like wearing certain gemstones or changing your diet. You can also talk to astrologers through these apps for personalized advice on staying healthy.

Houses that Indicate Health Issues in Birth Chart

In Health Prediction Astrology Apps, understanding which houses in a birth chart indicate potential health issues is crucial. Here are the key houses to consider:

First House (Ascendant): The first house represents the physical body and overall health. Any afflictions or challenging aspects to the planets in this house can indicate potential health issues in the birth chart, especially if the ascendant ruler is weak or negatively influenced.

Sixth House: This house governs health and well-being. Any planets in this house and their aspects can provide insights into specific health issues. The sixth house also relates to daily routines, so imbalances in one’s routine can impact health.

Eighth House: Associated with longevity and transformative experiences, this house can reveal information about chronic health conditions and potential life-altering health events. Malefic influences in this house may indicate health challenges.

Twelfth House: This house is linked to hidden and chronic health issues. Afflictions here can suggest health problems that are not immediately apparent or may require a long time to diagnose or treat.

Significators: Planets like Mercury, Mars, and the Moon are significators for specific health aspects. Their placement and aspects in the birth chart can provide insights into potential health vulnerabilities.

Astrology apps specializing in health predictions can analyze these house placements and planetary influences to offer personalized insights into an individual’s health prospects. Based on the birth chart’s analysis, users can receive guidance on preventive measures, potential health concerns, and even favourable periods for health improvement.

Free Vedic Health Astrology Reports

Free Vedic Health Astrology Reports are valuable resources that provide insights into an individual’s well-being based on Vedic Astrology principles. Here’s how they work:

Birth Chart Analysis: To generate a Vedic Health Astrology Report, you must input your birth details, including date, time, and place of birth. The report then uses this information to create your birth chart, a natal chart or horoscope.

Planetary Influences: The report analyzes the positions of planets in your birth chart, focusing on those related to health, such as the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and the sixth house. It assesses the aspects formed between these planets to understand their impact on your physical and mental well-being.

Health Predictions: Based on the planetary positions and aspects, the report provides insights into your health tendencies and potential vulnerabilities. It may highlight specific health issues or tendencies you should be aware of.

Remedies and Recommendations: Vedic Health Astrology Reports often include remedies and recommendations to enhance your health. These may involve gemstone suggestions, dietary guidelines, lifestyle modifications, or spiritual practices to mitigate health challenges and promote well-being.

Timing of Health Events: Some reports may also offer insights into the timing of potential health events or fluctuations in your health. They may use planetary transits and dasha (planetary period) analysis to predict periods of enhanced health or potential health concerns.

These reports serve as valuable tools for individuals interested in gaining astrological insights into their health. They can help individuals become more proactive in managing their well-being by offering guidance on potential health challenges and suitable remedies.




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