Ashwini Female and Rohini Male Business Compatibility

Vinay Bajrangi
4 min readNov 5, 2022

In marriage Astrology, the astrologers find marriage compatibility based on the Moon signs of the natives. The most popular Kundli Milan also forms its basis on the position of the Moon in the birth charts. Now, the nakshatra in which the Moon sits at birth significantly impacts the native.

As per ancient texts, the Moon has 27 wives in the form of 27 nakshatras, and Rohini is Moon’s favorite wife. The Moon spends a little more time in Rohini than in other nakshatras. This is the reason why Rohini accounts for his favorite beloved wife. A man who gets born in Rohini nakshatra possesses some general traits. As per the love horoscope, Rohini men are very passionate lovers and show these characteristics-

Rohini Nakshatra has a sense of compassion, love, and emotions. This Nakshatra is also conservative and receives outside influences more quickly than others. They show tremendous care for their health and have good longevity.

Rohini Nakshatra people wish their partners to be energetic and passionate in their relationship. Aries nakshatra shows the best love relationship compatibility with Rohini natives for their enthusiastic approach to life.

Rohini nakshatra natives also wish their partners not only to get attracted towards their wealth but also to build an emotional and intellectual bond with them. They wish their partners to communicate and understand their feelings.

The natives of Rohini Nakshatra are emotional and a little insecure. They want their life partner to make them feel secure and loved. Ashwini Nakshatra gives them the desired support.

The love compatibility calculator says Rohini and Ashwini nakshatra are best suited to each other. For marriage, they are good for each other, and they are also good for business or career compatibility.

Per the career horoscope, an Aries girl is an ideal match for a Rohini boy in career and business prospects. She possesses a sincere, energetic, passionate, sympathetic, and confident approach to business. These traits a Rohini person desires in his life or business partner. Similarly, a Rohini boy contains focus, determination, sincerity, and a sense of attachment to work as desired by the Ashwini girl. So, these nakshatras are compatible according to the love marriage calculator and can also prove to be great business partners.

A male born under Rohini Nakshatra is a decent counterpart for a female born under Ashwini Nakshatra. They both radiate energy and bond strongly at their fundamental levels. They have the traits which keep a relationship fascinating and youthful throughout life. There are reasons for their progression and advancement when with each other.

Rohini nakshatra falls in the Taurus sign, ruled by Venus, while Ashwini nakshatra falls in the Aries sign, ruled by Mars. In Astrology, Mars shows passion and energy. Mars is bodily desire and strength. This shows the sexual drive calculator within a person. Mars is a male planet and shows masculine powers.

On the other hand, Venus is a female planet. It shows luxury, romance, warmth, and attraction for the opposite gender. Now, when these two energies are together, it is the most suitable and passionate combination for enjoying life together. The Moon is in exaltation in the Taurus sign and is in the most relaxed state. This position makes the Rohini men have the attributes of both the Moon and Venus. With the influence of both female planets, Rohini boy gets immensely attracted to the masculine traits of Aries nakshatra.

Rohini male with Ashwini female

A carefree approach Rohini natives fall for the wild and carefree attitude of Ashwini nakshatra natives. Rohini people want someone to ignite passion and energy in their stable and calm lives. And this work gets completed with accompanying an Aries people.

Rohini and Ashwini complement each other

Rohini Nakshatra natives are most insecure and can’t settle down for one thing. They remain restless and unsure of their choices. This lack of confidence is somewhere gets compensated by their Aries partner. Rohini’s calmness gets complemented by the quick-to-act personality of Ashwini Nakshatra natives.

One suggestion- Don’t get over possessive

Both Rohini and Ashwini nakshatra may show possessiveness for each other. This attitude is not desirable in general. Over-possessiveness may cause clashes and distances in relations. These both nakshatras overreact for one reason or another, which might harm the relationship in the long run.


Rohini and Ashwini make for the best couple based on their personality traits. While in business, the Aries girl compensates for the excessive emotional side of the Rohini boy with great enthusiasm and energy at work. With the stable mind of the Rohini male combined with the Aries female’s enthusiastic approach, wonders happen!




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